What is MUHIDE

MUHIDE is the first national platform to provide full visibility to the trade ecosystem, the platform is owned by RATL Technology.

RATL Technology was established to help businesses fulfill their potential, enhance customers experience, maximize revenues and much more. RATL plans to play a vital role in the national economy growth by being aligned with KSA Vision 2030.

MUHIDE’s History

In 2017, Monimove Limited (UK), a London based company with a bold fintech idea, was established. Since then, Monimove has been rapidly expanding regionally and globally; Monimove currently has regional offices in Dubai, New York, and Amsterdam.

In KSA, RATL is the exclusive reseller of Monimove Ltd. UK, it owns the IP rights of MUHIDE as white labeling of Monimove platform.

MUHIDE’s Services

Through MUHIDE, RATL aims to enhance the national economy growth by redefining operational efficiencies and adding value to Corporate, Investment firms, Real Estate Development, Insurance firms, banks and even charities associations.

MUHIDE is optimizing the trade finance and supply chain operations by digitizing the whole process, mitigating credit and operational risks and enhancing transparency and credibility throughout the trade cycle.

MUHIDE uses the latest technologies to help smooth the rough edges of trade relationships and ease major pain points, it’s a platform that does not only streamline and automate the process but also supports all stakeholders and empowers SMEs, one of the main objectives of KSA Vision 2030.

MUHIDE’s benefit

MUHIDE is adding value to all trade network stakeholders


  • Reduce manual work and human errors
  • Obtain end to end visibility and insights
  • Improve customers experiences
  • Mitigate operational and credit risks
  • Enhance compliance


  • Build trustworthy relationships with suppliers
  • Automate and monitor critical activities
  • Reduce manual and administrative tasks
  • Get real-time visibility


  • Get timely payments for outstanding invoices
  • Enhance cash flow management
  • Able to handle disputes and fraud
  • Benefit from lower fees


  • Protects the economy from sudden chain collapses
  • Empowers and protects SMEs
  • Fights parallel markets and tax evasion
  • Boosts GDP and economy growth
  • Reduces court disputes


  • Avoid payment delays
  • Better chances to obtain financial facilities
    from banks
  • Improve liquidity management and planning
  • Build credibility and trustworthy
    relationships in the market


  • Reduce poverty and increase employment
  • Boost profitability for various sectors
  • Instill reliability and transparency values in the
  • Enhance efficiency across businesses through cost
    and time saving

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